Escaping the tyranny of renting in a tight market

Referred to us by friends, these clients wanted to escape the ever tightening rental market in Port Douglas. We navigated a number of challenges including them being self employed and their income having been impacted by covid as well as lender post code restrictions where they wanted to live. We reviewed their entire position and […]

What’s so special about the number 4?

These lovely clients were feeling the cashflow pinch on a couple of fronts. Although they had chipped away at their home loan steadily over the years, they had built up balances on a couple of credit cards, taken out a car loan and a holiday club loan. They were overwhelmed by the high repayments on […]

Keeping in touch and combatting rate creep

Your mortgage is often your largest family expense, the last thing you want to do is pay over the odds.  Our annual rate review program is key to making sure rates stay competitive. We approach lenders to renegotiate our clients’ rates at least once a year.  Where their offer isn’t up to scratch, we make […]

Getting back into the market

Our client, a single mum, came to us wanting to escape the rental market and secure a home close to work for her and her daughter. She held an investment property (in a location that just didn’t work for her to live in) which was starting to need work done to it. Contemplating selling an […]

Adapting strategies when the unforseen happens

We don’t mind a challenge, and helping these clients settle on a spectacular investment property gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the power of relationships, strategy and tenacity. Our clients had bought the investment property off plan 18 months prior to being referred to us by long term Affinitas clients. The developer had experienced delays […]

Getting a “yes” where others said “no”

This lovely client was referred to us by her son after she expressed frustration that lenders just didn’t seem willing to give her a fair go.  She had taken a lender up on what seemed like a sensible “time to sell offer” which was explained to her by a bank’s call centre as the bank […]