Getting back into the market

Our client, a single mum, came to us wanting to escape the rental market and secure a home close to work for her and her daughter.

She held an investment property (in a location that just didn’t work for her to live in) which was starting to need work done to it. Contemplating selling an investment left her so conflicted but she suspected it was holding her back.

When we looked closely at her financial position we could see that both the cost of holding the property and the cost of private high school fees for her daughter were limiting her ability to borrow.

After discussions with her accountant, some cashflow modelling and some research on our part into finance options, we were able to help devise a strategy to get her back into the market.

With the rental property sold and provision made for school fees to year 12 for her daughter, we were able to help her secure finance to buy her dream apartment close to work and school.

With mortgage repayments significantly cheaper than her previous rent and without the cost of maintaining the rental property she’s on track to be mortgage free well ahead of schedule.

We worked together to help her property dreams come true over 12 months and couldn’t be happier for her with the result.