Getting a “yes” where others said “no”

This lovely client was referred to us by her son after she expressed frustration that lenders just didn’t seem willing to give her a fair go. 

She had taken a lender up on what seemed like a sensible “time to sell offer” which was explained to her by a bank’s call centre as the bank offering to help by pausing payments while she sold her home. What they didn’t explain is that this would actually be recorded as “hardship assistance” and reflect negatively on her credit report. 

When she came to buy her new home in a quieter town where she was already renting settled into her new job, she discovered that the combination of her age and accepting her previous lenders “kind offer” would potentially leave her locked out of the market. 

We worked through her situation in detail, understood her circumstances and her plan to be mortgage free by retirement and then took what seemed like a complicated situation and explained it to our specialist lenders. Given clear explanations and the right context they were happy to support what was really common sense lending. 

Getting to know our clients and understanding their circumstances in detail helped us get the best results in the end. She was able to get back into the property market and purchase a stunning home to live in close to work.