Haven Win Autumn 2020

Acts of kindness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness that completely blew you away? We are looking for a feelgood story about an exceptional act of kindness, be it from a random stranger or someone you know. In no more than 350 words, tell us your story for the chance to win $1,000.

How: send your act of kindness story, in 350 words or fewer, to  havencompetitions@afgonline.com.au placing ‘Kindness’ in the subject line.

Include: your name, address, email, phone number and the name of your mortgage broker.

Dates: opens on February 14 and closes on April 13.

Winner: will be decided on April 14 and notified by telephone after this time.

Haven Competition Terms & Conditions

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    Haven Answers

    Congratulations to Karin, who has won $1,000 in the ‘Australia’s Big Things’ competition from our last edition of Haven, with her entry of a nostalgic childhood photo in front of South Australia’s Big Lobster and its ripper accompanying yarn.

    Here is a pic of us coming home from a camping adventure along the South Australian south coast outside the Big Lobster in Kingston, circa 1980’s.

    In the trailer is our trusty tent and camping gear. We are in one of our beloved Triumphs, this fine motor vehicle had a gorgeous vinyl rollback sun roof, almost the size of the whole roof.

    Problem was during this trip she leaked as it rained and rained. We tried pushing tissues into the side of the sunroof but they got saturated and fell on our heads.
    Our thongs were floating in the water in the footwells of the car, that was ankle deep by the time we got home.

    I remember so much laughter from this trip. We loved that car so much, and our feet were pretty wrinkly by the end.

    Dad now drives a Holden Colorado – but we still have that trailer!

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