Green your home to protect your planet

As awareness about our changing climate grows, so too does the desire to take positive action. And while the big corporates are in the spotlight, individuals also need to consider their daily activities and find ways to minimise their own emissions. Everything we do has an impact – from how we get to work, the […]

Haven Extras Summer 2022

Kitties of Disneyland – the kingdom’s keepers Did you know that there is a population of 200-plus feral cats that live in the grounds of Disneyland, who are tasked with helping to control the theme park’s rodent population? They’re neutered and supported with an infrastructure built specifically for them, including hidden feeding stations and veterinary […]

Chill out zones

Great outdoor areas can add tens of thousands to the value of your home, not to mention the added enjoyment of spending time in the garden with family and friends. Landscaping is also one of the few home improvements that can actually increase in value over time as plantings mature. So, shake off the winter […]

Haven Extras Spring 2022

From rags to riches In 2013, a man browsing in a Sydney op shop purchased an unusual cup for $4. Its uniqueness caused him to research its origins. He sent a picture to Sotheby’s, who confirmed that it was indeed both rare and valuable. The buyer had unknowingly purchased a 17th century Chinese ‘libation cup’ […]

Perfect your flip

Renovating for profit can be a tricky business in a cooling market. But it’s more a science than an art if you know the pitfalls. Here are six common mistakes to avoid. 1. Not having a plan This obvious but common error is responsible for a host of renovating sins, from paying too much in […]

Don’t do your block

A good neighbour is a valuable asset, but backyard squabbles are on the rise. When you buy a new home, one of the greatest unknowns is over the fence. You can inspect the building, scope the drains, and survey the boundaries – but you never really know what you’re buying into next door. During the […]

Haven Extras Autumn 2022

Aussie rhyming slang Are you having a “Barry Crocker” of a day? Rhyming slang was born out of London’s east end in the 1800s, with the Cockneys no doubt taking the crown for their rhyming linguistic acrobatics. Our English roots meant it wasn’t long before rhyming slang made its way to the Antipodes. And as […]

Come to the dog side

The key to making money is spotting a gap in the market. And there’s a large pet-shaped hole in Australia’s rental market. More than 60 per cent of Australian households have a pet these days, yet it’s reported only about 10 per cent of rental properties allow them. It’s become more of an issue recently, […]

Go guilt-free this Christmas

We’ve had sober October, now try low-spender November. It may not seem like it, but the lead in to Christmas is the perfect time for a financial detox. Not only will it stop you losing control of festive spending, it’ll set you up to start the new year on the right track. Rein in your […]

Haven Extras Summer 2021

Did you know the world has a global doomsday seed vault? Plunging deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, lies a global insurance policy seed vault. Every type of the world’s crop seeds – the largest collection of crop diversity on the planet […]