The RBA is dreaming of a tight Christmas

Haven’s tips to keep the Grinch at bay as interest rates rocket. The message is loud and clear. The Reserve Bank of Australia wants households to tighten their belts to keep a lid on inflation. And to do it they’re making sure we all have less to spend after paying the mortgage. Rates have jumped […]

Running a business from home?

Who knew selling eggs at the garden gate could void your home insurance? Apparently not many people, including the Victorian homeowners who have found themselves at the centre of an insurance nightmare that should prompt everyone with a side hustle to check their coverage. It seems having an Australian Business Number (ABN) registered to your […]

Hackers target property sales

Don’t let them do a dash with your cash. As if Aussie home buyers didn’t have enough to contend with, now the soaring price of real estate has drawn the attention of international cyber criminals who have stolen deposit and sales payments totalling millions. Hackers are targeting loose security around the transfer of cash for […]

Beating end-of-term blues

Millions of Australians on low fixed-rate loans will be bracing for impact when they expire in the next year. It’s time to get prepared to manage the bill shock of coming off a fixed rate. Don’t panic but start planning Until recently, many Australian mortgage holders have only ever experienced interest rates heading in one […]

Will your budget stretch beyond the sticker price?

House prices have surged, meaning hidden costs associated with buying a home have jumped too. If you’re on the hunt for a new property, it’s worth checking your budget still covers the extras that can add tens of thousands to your costs. In the past two years, the average house price in Australia has leapt […]

Perfect your flip

Renovating for profit can be a tricky business in a cooling market. But it’s more a science than an art if you know the pitfalls. Here are six common mistakes to avoid. 1. Not having a plan This obvious but common error is responsible for a host of renovating sins, from paying too much in […]

Pitfalls and hidden gems

Navigating the dos and don’ts of investment property returns. Rental properties and holiday homes are once again in the sights of the Australian Tax Office, which has had growing success identifying erroneous claims. Last year about 70 per cent of returns related to investment properties audited by the ATO had to be amended, most often […]

Going for broker

In a year when just about every real estate record was broken, home buyers turned to mortgage brokers in droves. More than two-thirds – a record 66.9 per cent – of residential mortgages were written by brokers in 2021.1 That’s a leap of 6.8 per cent on the year before and continues an astonishing climb […]

Loyal to a fault

It may be an admirable trait in personal relationships, but in financial matters, loyalty can come at a cost. Sticking with the same loan longer than three years can cost borrowers thousands, with competition to win business resulting in new customers paying lower rates than existing ones. This so-called loyalty tax has become such a […]

Heading for the hills

Younger Australians are striking out in the regions. Where are the hotspots and could it be right for you? People have turned their backs on capital cities in record numbers during the past year, seeking a simpler and cheaper life in regional Australia. COVID-19 has not only unshackled workers from CBD offices, but prompted many […]